Textbook Adoption:

To submit your textbook adoptions, check your email for the custom direct link to your classes from schoolcraft@verbasoftware.com. If you cannot locate your email, please reach out to Laura Rodgers at the Bookstore.

Faculty plays a larger role than you might recognize in ensuring students are able to obtain the textbooks and materials they need at reasonable prices. The Schoolcraft College Bookstore relies on you, the instructors and faculty, to submit textbook lists for your courses in a timely fashion each semester. Timely lists allow us to source the correct textbooks and obtain an appropriate supply of used textbooks, custom textbooks, and packages which can take longer for orders to be fulfilled and shipped from the publishers

Please do your part and submit your textbook lists within the course schedule timeline each semester. Your students will thank you!

To submit your textbook adoptions, please visit our Faculty Requisitions Site now.

If you have any questions about textbooks or completing the textbook requisition form, please contact Laura Rodgers, Bookstore Manager, Course Materials.


If there are any non-book materials that you require or recommend for your class, you may include them on this form or email Brad Erisman so we can make them available in the bookstore and on our website. This includes things like scantrons, blue books, flash drives, calculators, art supplies, presentation board, lab coat etc.