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The MacGuffin

The MacGuffin - Vol. 38, No. 2 (Fall 2022)

Schoolcraft College
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The MacGuffin - Vol. 38, No. 2 (Fall 2022)

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The MacGuffin’s vol. 38.2 makes good on our staff’s mission to find work that takes risks with and evolves the narrative form. Look to Lisa L. Leibow’s “The Watch,” which utilizes multiple forms of the written word, as well as the magazine’s first-ever comic panel; Derek Updegraff’s “One Day at Work” satirizes message board vernacular; and A.J. Cunder’s “A Recipe for Chicken Parm” entwines the story in, well, a recipe for chicken parm. Augmenting these works are Janée J. Baugher’s ekphrases on two Andrew Wyeth paintings and Len Krisak’s tribute to “Four Characters” of a bygone era in Hollywood.

8: Robert Claps – Gardening, St. Bridgette’s
9: Andrew Gudgel – On the Trail
10–11: Brenda Yates – Night Music (Instrumental)
12: Francine Witte – Every Year, Old Gets Older
13–20: Lisa L. Leibow – The Watch
21: Robert Carr – Buck
22: Chel Campbell – Bottomfeeder
23: Jim Burrows – The turtle
24: Matt Dennison – Roof Cat
25: Andrew Gudgel – Tenacity
26: Robert Claps – September, Groton Long Point
27: Bernadette Geyer – The Seed Recounts the Sowing
28–33: A.J. Strosahl – You’ve Never Heard Your Own Voice
34–44: M.E. George – Millie, My Dear
45: Bernadette Geyer – Complicit
46: Deni Naffziger – What You Carry
47: Joannie Stangeland – Each Year More Sudden and Rare
48–49: Timothy Cook – Green Lights of Lower Wacker Drive
50–51: Allison Thorpe – While Pulling Weeds, the Poet Contemplates Why Her Father Drank
52–55: A.J. Cunder – A Recipe for Chicken Parm
56–62: Robin Blackburn McBride – Madame Lacroix
63: Martha Clarkson – Load
64: Chel Campbell – The Stay-at-Home Mother Confesses
65: Chel Campbell – First Feed
66–67: Jen Karetnick – X Marks the Spot Where
68: Gunilla Theander Kester – Trained in Guitar Playing
69: Annie Stenzel – Augury
70–71: Beatrice Lazarus – Girls on Mars
72: Beatrice Lazarus – The Tide
73–84: Gregory J. Wolos – Homunculi in Need of Repair
85–86: Raima Evan – Floating World
87: Kasha Martin Gauthier – Ode to My Handyman
88: Brenda Yates – The Jewelry Maker
89: Allison Thorpe – Growing Moonshine
90–91: David Galloway – The Death of Elizabeth Bosserman Miller, Aged 81
92–96: Derek Updegraff – One Day at Work, With Appendix A: Recently Adopted Dog Lost Near Mt. Rubidoux, and Appendix B: At-Risk Missing Person with Alzheimer’s
97: Maeve Croghan – West Bluff Birch Autumn
98: Maeve Croghan – Apple Aster Duo
99: Maeve Croghan – Late Summer Ft. Holmes
100: Maeve Croghan – Lilac Arch Rock
101: Gary Mesick – The Maltese Falcon
102: Janée J. Baugher – Andrew Wyeth’s Footnotes to Pine Baron, 1976
103: Janée J. Baugher – Andrew Wyeth’s Footnotes to Evening at Kuerners, 1970
104–105: Len Krisak – Four Characters
106: Michael Mingo – Dickson Greeting
107–111: Heather Rutherford – Severance
112–113: Jonathan Weisberg – Bottled
114: Betsy Martin – Archeology
115: Mark Burke – Vows
116: Candace Armstrong – Pantomime Dance
117: Janée J. Baugher – Sestina for a Marriage
118: William Snyder – Oh What I Would Give
119: Anne Marie Wells – You Asked Me to Write You a Poem About Coffee
120–123: Douglas Cole – Night of the Fox
124: David Gaolloway – your first scam
125: Kulbir Saran – you just wait
126–127: Deni Naffziger – Chronesthesia: A Time Travel Poem
128: John A. Nieves – Tercets b/w Pre-Elegy (7” Series #5)
129: John A. Nieves – Dam
130: Lana Hechtman Ayers – No One Siad It Wouldn’t Be Hard
131: David McKay Powell – Mowing Sober
132–140: Mark Brazaitis – The Running of the Dogs: An Oral History of Mick McMurphy’s Campaign for the Sherman, Ohio, City Council
141–148: Vishwas R. Gaitonde – Mardy Gras
149: F.R. Foksal – In the cellar
150: Kristina Moriconi – Unspoken
151: Kristina Moriconi – On Grandview Avenue
152–157: Contributor Notes

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